About heating

The working principle of the infrared heating

The warm or cold sensation does not depend on the temperature of the ambient air. For instance, the skiers and the alpinists are not cold when in the mountains the weather is sunny, even though the outside temperature is low. They will be heated by the rays of the sun. We feel this heat directly on our skin, through the rays reflected by the environment (the snow, the stones, the earth, etc.). Once the infrared rays make contact with a surface, the heat energy is generated, regardless of the air temperature.

Concerning the infrared heating system, you can warm a certain surface, instead of big volumes of air. This means that the infrared heating requires an installed capacity 32% smaller than the hot air heating. This is the basic reason why the infrared heating is so energetically efficient.

Other advantages of the infrared heating:
* The absence of the air flow which lifts up the dust and creates the discomfort sensation;
* The surrounding objects are warming up and therefore it is more pleasant to make contact with
* The warmth can be felt immediately;
* We can heat only certain areas (ex.: work benches).