A few words about us

Alke Total Confort SRL is a company from Brasov and it is a part of the Dutch group ALKE B.V. The company has two activity domanins: one that produces and trades industrial heating equipment and another one with poultry technologies.


Industrial heating

Alke Total Confort manufactures black tubes, radiant panels, ceramic terrace and camping heaters and electrical radiant panels for:
Industrial halls
Animal halls
Terraces and commercial spaces
Football stadiums
Golf courses
Industrial ovens
Over time, Alke has heat: industrial houses, airsheds, station platforms, gymnasiums, football stadiums, golf courses, churches, commercial spaces, terraces, broiler houses, layer houses, turkey houses, pigs and other animals.




Poultry systems

The objective of ALKE TOTAL CONFORT is to continuously develop the poultry equipment, in order to support and help the farmers and the birders in obtaining the best performance parameters.
In Romania, there should be paid special attention to the adaptation of the birds' exploitation and breeding systems to the EU requirements. Furthermore, these birds' exploitation and breeding characteristics must be observed, as they are competitive advantages in quality terms. The equipment and the installations must provide a good microclimate in the house - air exchange, temperature, lighting, noise level - correspondent to the physiological and behavioral needs of the birds.


Excellent price

Dutch quality with manufacturer prices

Technical support

Our engineers offer service and technical support

Research and development

We research the most efficient technologies

Quick delivery

Stocks for the basic products

Dynamic and fast

A young team that insures prompt services


Certified quality for over 40 years of Dutch production


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